My Rap Poem “We Will Not Be Ashamed”…

My Rap Poem “We Will Not Be Ashamed”…

“The past is dead and gone, a clean slate encouraged me to write this poetic song. The enemy tried to permanently tear us apart, but God did what we couldn’t do on our own, no doubt we both missed the mark.

I hurt you more times than I can count, no discount in the world can erase such an amount. Everything that’s happened ever since we met, even if I forgot some things, what I remember I take full account. The old thoughts are gone with the old me, it’s a relief that I’m no longer in doubt.

You’re my Nezuko, my Hinata. I see no worries bout trusting you, Hakuna Matata!

You’re my Rey, I’m your Ben. I’m talking Starwars action with some romance, not just lone-action like the boy Ben 10.

((I made the promise before shown in our last picture frame, but this time it’s a clean slate. There’s no leftovers for the Devil to take, we’ve both cleaned off our whole plates. Who cares what the haters say about us, we will not be afraid. We love Jesus and are not unashamed!

Our cups overflow with positivity, faith absorbs the rest, there’s no need to drain. negativity can’t compete as long as we speak in His name, as long as we trust in His Grace. We love the faith so we live by the faith… we’re at war with demons like Demon Slayer, God’s strength is meant to keep us unstained. This is a clean slate, we will not be ashamed!

Even if every weapon is formed against us, we have no reason to faint. We’ve shed and bled blood for the sake of His name. We love Him because He first loved us, He did what He did so that we might all be saved. This is a clean slate, we will not be ashamed!

I used to do you dirty, for that I was ashamed. What I did to you was my fault alone, I ain’t gonna point no fingers except back at my face. I take responsibility and accountability, I will not go and place the blame. This is a clean slate, we will not be ashamed!

I love you Princess, I’m not playing no games. Are you stuck in a tower like Repunzul? It still doesn’t change my mInd. God can do the impossible, I know He will provide a way; Throw your hair down so I may climb up and see you face to face. I don’t care if we’ll be stuck in this tower for decades, cuz all I want is to feel us embrace. It’d be a disgrace to ignore His Grace. This is a clean slate, we will not be ashamed!

What we need God will bring to our aid. He works in many different ways, because His ways are not our ways. Just look at the amount of bread and fish He gave, at first there was only a few in the basket that were placed. We live by faith, so we are not ashamed! This is a clean slate, we will not be ashamed!

All the attacks, it’s been insane. We don’t fear Satan no more, we rebuke him in his face. We’re still counting the cost, we keep it running like we’re in a race. Even if our bodies get low on energy, His spirit keeps us sustained. His wonders are so wonderful, we have to accept that not everything can be explained. We’ve begun a clean slate, and we are not ashamed!)”.

~Written on May 26,2021~

Encouraged by the songs “Never Again”, “Close Your Eyes” “Dear Agony” and “Until The End” by Breaking Benjamin; “In The End” by Linkin Park; “Get Back Up” by Corey Clark; “Falling” by Creo and Marlee; “Up And Down” by Dreezy, and “Gurenge” by LiSa.

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My Rap Poem “Leave The Past Behind”…

My Rap Poem “Leave The Past Behind”…

“The past is the past. Leave it where you saw it last! The present is the present. Hebrews 13:5, I can honestly say I feel content! Like a new movie, the future is still in the making, it’s coming and happening, it’s just not here yet.

Things done changed. Have you noticed? I’m not where I was before, my words and actions have been showing it! They say go hard or go home, but how about going hard so you can get a home-run!

People ask me where I’m at in life, I tell them God and faith are the reasons why my life has gotten more bright. No matter the persecution or struggle, I keep that burning light! Like the big bad wolf the Devil huffs and puffs, he’ll form a fire but it will not prosper, my God will come and fire-fight!

Leave the past behind, there’s nothing there worth your time. Don’t waste time with what’s been dead for a long time, focus on the race of faith, run run and don’t stop til you gain the prize!

Leave the past behind, there’s nothing there to find. Keep looking all you want, but no light will shine. Be content where you can shine, be who you were meant to be in-Christ!

Leave the past behind, nothing there is coming back to life. A plant without sun and water is a plant deprived of life! Is there anything you can do to bring it back to life? Jesus said “Let the dead bury the dead”, so in the similar way, if something dies maybe it was meant to die! If the shoe fits wear it, sometimes it is what it is. Nothing in the dark will remain hid, “gods” are big but my God is bigger than big! Houston we have a problem, hold up victory is gained, remember the Alamo! Let the celebration begin! I’ll never sail the world like Columbus, but I’m adventurous like Captain Jack Sparrow, so I be gettin’ hyped at the sight of new horizons!

Look at where you were before, now look where you see a future. Don’t doubt, just believe, you have a beauty in the making, sooner or later!

Ignore everything said by your accuser, remind him of his fate in the later future. Offer me a forbidden fruit? I’ll just pass it up, cuz it’s not godly or kosher. Satan isn’t innocent, he’s just a poser, he’s not who he claims to be, he’s the father of lies and the poster-boy for murder! Return to your Lord and Savior, don’t drift away further. Don’t you want a beautiful future? Start with the new, continue with the new, receive the Lord’s blessings in return! With your soul don’t play Russian Roulette, that’s self-torture! I Got OCD, but I’m still a Christian, so I’m a hoarder but not a hoarder, just call me a moderation-hoarder! I’m only speaking what He tells me in the ear, so please don’t shoot the messenger!

There’s no finding peace where you were bound to defeat, look at your life now and see where time has flied. Speaking of fly, your wings have finally arrived. Put them to good use, reach new heights! To the world you’ll be seen as a hater and a danger. I’m not a pirate or a poster-boy for lawbreakers, talk about being on strangers’ tides! Not everything in life is black and white, if you seek discernment just go and ask the Most High.

When the Savior returns He’ll come with a righteous burning anger, and with the presence of his holy angels! His Grace is still beautiful, a teacher not just a favor. If anyone be in Christ they indeed see new life, so be content and leave the past behind!”.


~Written on June 13,2022~

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